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Faire Goods: Textiles, Rugs, Iron & Glassware

You need only to look to Jaipur's Amber Fort (pictured above) to get an appreciation for the rich, artistic heritage that is to be found throughout India's many regions and communities.

As a country with centuries-old traditions of carving, textile making, and glass blowing, it may come as no surprise that a large portion of Faire's best-loved pieces can be traced back to co-ops and artisan workshops throughout India.

Artisans in India using traditional weaving and block printing techniques

We work closely with a select handful of companies (currently 7), all of whom are female-owned and operated.

At the forefront of each of these businesses is a respect for the people they employ and a love and appreciation for the traditional techniques and craft skills they uphold. 

In their own words:

Spending time with our vendors, the artisans, and in the communities where our products are made is the highlight of what we do. We meet so many extraordinary people on our journeys and we feel grateful to be able to share their stories with you, and to support them and their families through the sale of our products.

- Irene & Alison, Indaba

Through he arch, artisans in India




The Artisans

It is no overstatement to say that the techniques used in these pieces are part of a family's legacy with traditional crafts & practices being passed down by ancestors from one generation to another.

Our fair trade artisans making rugs in India

India Blockprinting Stamps

Faire Living artisans
Our artisans in India stone washing rugs


The Area

In the city of Jaipur and the surrounding communities, handcrafted, artisan techniques can be found in to the most beautiful weaving, carving & block-printing created anywhere in the world. 

When seen in context, it is easy to spot the parallels between the colorful textiles and carvings and the bustling streets and vibrant sights that continue to inspire it.

The elephants of Jaipur
Jaipur, India Pink
Jaipur India
Indian Tiger
India fruit market
Chai cups in Jaipur, India
Jaipur India



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Faire Philosophy No. 1

The best goods are the ones that don't harm our environment or the people who make them.

- Faire founders Catherine & Rebekah