Our Values

We believe that behind every product there is a person. A person whose livelihood, legacy & community is impacted, both directly & indirectly by the choices we make through the purchases we choose to wear, put on our bodies, bring into our homes & give as gifts.

At Faire Living, we believe in using this impact as a catalyst for good; sourcing products locally & around the world from family-owned businesses & community co-ops whose creation practices align with our core values for fairness; products that are fair to our makers, farmers & artisans, fair to our environment & our natural resources & fair to you.



The best goods start with the best materials. We at Faire Living believe this always signifies the materials that do not exploit our natural resources, endanger our environments, or cause harm to the craftspeople who work with them.

Pure, sustainable elements are at the forefront of our collection lines & provide a basis for every product we welcome into our store.

Toxin-free skincare, synthetic-free fabrics made of natural, organic materials, chemical-free dyes & pieces made from reclaimed & renewable resources.

Our philosophy is simple; the best goods are the ones that don't harm our environment or the people who use them.



There is a story behind every product we carry & it starts not with ourselves but with the original storytellers; the makers, artisans & farmers whose methods today pair together local traditions & centuries-old craftsmanship with ethical practices & dignified work environments.

We take great care to ensure we partner with brands that are committed to providing safe production settings & living wages to every member of their supply chain.

This includes the many cotton & bamboo growers, cattle & sheep farmers, potters, woodworkers, & sewers who's stories & lives are intrinsically connected to each of the products we at Faire Living have the honor of representing.



If our artisans are the storytellers, we at Faire Living are the curators.

It is our honor to stand by both you & the makers we represent; knowing that the goods we choose to allow into our store are the goods you will welcome into your home.

We're devoted to offering honest, fair prices while keeping our store free from products that contain chemicals, toxins & synthetic materials, are made by exploiting people or resources, or are created with a disposable mindset.

We believe that discovering ethical, clean products shouldn't be confusing or complicated, but should empower & inspire a life well lived; for the environment, for the makers & for you.


Faire Philosophy No. 1

The best goods are the ones that don't harm our environment or the people who make them.

- Faire founders Catherine & Rebekah