The Faire Guide to: "Made in China"


In the search for ethically made, environmentally conscious goods, it can be natural to automatically write off all products bearing the "Made in China" mark.

Most commonly associated with mass production, low wages, unchecked working conditions & poor quality products, we can understand your possible surprise at seeing an "Ethically Made in China" label on some of our items.

Faire Living carries select number of brands who have intentionally chosen to partner with ethical producers in China to provide well-paying, sustainable & safe jobs for skilled laborers & factory workers.

We are proud to give a voice & a platform to companies who are committed to breaking the status quo of "Made in China" by providing 
We believe that since the problems of poverty & exploitation are global, then our solution needs to be too.

From the designers:

"Every product holds a genuine personal touch. We find it reassuring that master craftsmanship is alive and well. Our products have been crafted by hand, often guided by tradition and family heritage.

When certifications or sustainable solutions are not possible, we work with full transparency in order to provide our customers with as much information about our production process so they can make an informed purchasing decisions."


Why It's Faire:

Fair Wages | Regular Site Checks to Ensure Safe Working Environments | Pure Fibers & Natural Materials

Faire Values:

Ethically Made | Social Good | Environmental Responsibility 

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Faire Philosophy No. 1

The best goods are the ones that don't harm our environment or the people who make them.

- Faire founders Catherine & Rebekah