Our Portuguese Bakeware


Since husband & wife Donna and Samuel Smith opened the doors of Casafina in 1981, producing authentic Meditteranean ceramics in a socially responsible environment has been a vital element of their business.

Designed & created in Portugal by true artisans, it has been their mission to commit to ethical business practices, high standards for human rights & environmentally sustainable production.

In their own words:

"Building social good is in the foundation of our business. This includes sustainable job creation, philanthropy programs devoted to increasing the well-being of the surrounding communities we work in, gender diversity, equality, and social inclusion practices."


Their use of only local, natural resources minimizes the ecological footprint of their pieces while their unique, single-fired production methods save energy and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Their products are made with a high percentage of recycled materials for both their clays & glazes, decreasing the use of capital, energy, and natural resources.


Why It's Faire:

Faire Wages | Ethically Made | Eco Friendly

Faire Values:

Family Owned | Social Good | Heritage Craftsmanship

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Faire Philosophy No. 1

The best goods are the ones that don't harm our environment or the people who make them.

- Faire founders Catherine & Rebekah