In their words:

We wanted to create beautiful, natural products which would bring warmth to people's hearts and homes, as well as having a truly positive impact on the world around us.

Our company was created with passion and soul and we try to put that into every design created, every product woven, every email sent, every order wrapped and every pound donated. We feel that this is what makes our products so unique and real, keepsakes that you can treasure and gift with pride and joy, designs to be loved and used daily that are passed down for generations.  

Their Story:

Husband and wife team Emma and Fergus founded their company in 2014 in their home city of Edinburgh, Scotland. They soon realised that Scottish mills were not always the most sustainable, transparent and dynamic option, so they began to look further afield. This led to a big adventure around the world learning a huge amount about the process of wool production, dying, spinning, weaving and finishing. After exploring many different production options, they settled on a partnership in Inner Mongolia which, due to its climate and farming methods, is known for having the softest lambswool and cashmere worldwide.


In addition to being a naturally insulating, breathable and hypoallergenic textile, wool is rapidly renewable, takes less natural resources than cotton or flax, is biodegradable and recyclable.

Their lambswool partner mill uses traditional, people-led farming methods, putting the animals welfare first. They also work with local dyers, spinners, weavers and finishers, which supports the village community, keeps a small environmental footprint and maintains end-to-end production transparency and control.


This company practices fair trade production and participates in regular in-person site checks with their partner mills. They work closely with their artisans to ensure that everyone receives proper training, appropriate time off, fair wages, safe working conditions and are treated with the utmost respect.